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Edgify™ Door Edge Guard - 8 Pcs Per Set

Even after taking utmost care of your Car, do you find the edges of your car’s doors still get damaged by colliding with pavements, with another car’s door or with dividers?Are you finding a solution to this problem?

In most cases, answer of Car users is YES, so read this further, it may help you in taking care of your car…

Edgify™ Door Edge Guards
are one way to help protect your car from the dings and dents of parking near other cars or collision with pavements or dividers. First Seen in Japan! Car door protection is a must have in parking lots and anytime you park adjacent to other vehicles.

A door is easily damaged when struck by an adjacent car door or a shopping cart. So how do you protect your car door the next time you park?These are the perfect accessories to protect your vehicle door edge from a common problem of nicks and scratches.

Why Edgify™ Door Edge Guard (Benefits):

Many people don’t know this, but the car door edge is susceptible to chips and scratches every time you open the door. You can protect the car door edge by installing Edgify™ Door Edge Guards.

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  • Improves life of color: When you install Edgify™ Door Edge Guards, it will protect the door’s edge from collision with wall or another car’s door in the parking. This product saves color of the door edges from damaging.
  • Good Flexibility: Due to its good flexibility, you can install it easily in any car door edge.
  • Groove Shape: Due to Edgify™ Door Edge Guard's groove shape, it can easily fix on to the door’s edge. However, Unbranded edge guards come with two way tapes can get detached easily, but Edgify™ Door Edge Guard's due to its groove fixes firmly in door’s edge and don’t come off easily. 
  • Unique Multi Strip Design: To cover edges of entire door, Edgify™ Door Edge Guards comes with 8 strips so it protects entire edges of the door. Even it protects the door when the divider is of low surface.
  • Anti-Theft: It fits on the door’s edge from inside so it cannot be removed by snatching it from the outside. 
  • Multiple Color Choices: Choose from Black, White or Transparent material. These matches with most car colors.

How It Works (Technicality):

  • It is made of a flexible material so fits on any car door easily.
  • Comes with 8 strips to almost cover the entire edge of door.
  • Due to its durable material, it has a very long life


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